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The annual CoachSG Conference and Singapore Sport Science Symposium are scheduled for late October and early November to gather athletes, coaches, sports administrators, practitioners and educators to share the latest evidence-based best practices that can impact on the athlete and their environment to achieve podium success.

Building on last year’s conference, the CoachSG Conference theme of “Coaching Better Every Day: Made in Singapore …” focuses on the local context. The Singapore Sport Science Symposium is back for the second year with the theme ‘From Youth to Elite Sport – Harnessing Potential and the Pursuit of Excellence’. The Singapore Sport Science Institute (SSI) leads the first 2 days of the Symposium with a focus on mental health and recovery, and the final day is led by The National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI) centering on the theme ‘Enhancing the Youth Sport Environment’.

This year, SSI is also hosting the 3rd Congress of the Association of Sport Institutes in Asia (ASIA) as part of the Symposium. The Congress will discuss issues related to integrity and governance in sports.

We welcome you to join us over the two events to update yourself and network with like-minded professionals to better influence your athletes’ development.


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